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Taichi Yamada page


Taichi Yamada is the author of “In Search of a Distant Voice” and the spooky “Strangers”. He was born in Tokyo in 1934. Taichi Yamada graduated from Waseda University in 1958, where he read Japanese Language and Literature in the Department of Education. This was also the year that he joined the Shochiku Film Company, where he worked in the Ofuna Studio Production Department. He left Shochiku in 1965, when he also wrote the well-known TV programme “Fuzoroino Ringotachi” (“Apple of Different Sizes”). Taichoi Yamada won the New Talent Award for TV drama with “Sorezore no Aki” (“Pieces of Autumn”). In 1983, he won the Education Minister’s Award for “Nagaraeba” (“When We Are Old”). The following year, Taichi Yamada won the Mukoda Kuniko Prize for “Nihon no Omokage” (“Out of the East”), and in 1985 the Kikuchi Kan Prize. “Strangers” won the Yamamoto Shugoro Prize in 1987, and was made into a film. Some of Taichi Yamada’s other novels are: “Mienai Kurayami” (“Secret Darkness”), “Koi no Shisei de” (“Attitudes of Love”), and “Minareta Machi ni Kaze ga Fuku” (“New Breeze in an Old Town”).


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