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Joshua Ferris page


Joshua Ferris is the author of the novel “Then We Came To The End”, published by Little, Brown. The novel is about a group of co-workers in a Chicago ad agency. “More Abandon”, the Joshua Ferris story included in the anthology “Best New American Voices 2005”, sounds very similar, as it involves an office worker who stays in the office after hours, prying into his co-worker’s desks. However, what has got all the commentators excited about this novel is that it is written in “the first-person plural”, which you might get some sense of from the title. Joshua Ferris was awarded his BA by the University of Iowa in 1996. He then lived in Chicago, which he regards as home. However, he then attended the MFA program at UC Irvine. His first published story, “Mrs. Blue”, appeared in the “Iowa Review” in 1999. Then We Came To The End has been longlisted for the UK 2007 Guardian First Book Award. Joshua Ferris is currently writing his first movie script, “Seven Days”, which is set to be directed by Mark Waters.


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