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Index G


Arlette Gaffrey interview

Ian Gale page – author of “Four Days in June

Katy Gardner page - author of "Losing Gemma"

"The Tesseract" by Alex Garland

Francois Gantheret page - author of "Lost Bodies"

"Thin Air" by Sue Gee.  Visit our Sue Gee page

Philip Gilliver interview

Mark Gimenez page – author of “The Colour of Law

Uma Girish page - read our Uma Girish interview

Michele Giuttari page

Cleaning Up - read our review of Tania Glyde's book

Janet Gleeson page

Linzi Glass page - author of "The Year the Gypsies Came" - read our Linzi Glass interview

Julia Golding page – author of “The Diamond of Drury Lane” and “The Secret of the Sirens

"The Abomination" by Paul Golding

"Properties of Light" - Visit our Rebecca Goldstein page

Lillian V. Grant interview


Linda Grant page

David Green page, author of
Music of Maninjau


Susan Gregg interview


Kate Grenville page


S. J. Griffin page - the Authortrek New Writer of the Week 17/004/2006

"The Partner" by John Grisham

Lauren Groff page – author of “The Monsters of Templeton

David Grossman page - author of "Be My Knife"

Olga Grushin page – author of “The Dream Life of Sukhanov

Candy Guard page – author of “Just a Little Disco on an Open-Top Bus

Faiza Guene page – author of “Just Like Tomorrow


Simon Guerrier page