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David Benioff page


David Benioff was born in New York in 1970. He studied at Dartmouth College, attended the University of California Irvine Masters in fiction program, and was awarded his masters degree by Trinity College, Dublin (his thesis was on Samuel Beckett). He worked as a high school teacher, a disc jockey, and a club bouncer before turning his novel, “The 25th Hour”, into a screenplay. The book had previously been turned down by 13 publishers, probably because they thought it was about firemen (well, its original title was “Fireman Down”). Talent seems to run in the family, as his father was formerly the head of Goldman Sachs. Actor Tobey Maguire liked “The 25th Hour”, called David Benioff into a meeting, and hired him to write the adaptation. “25th Hour” was directed by Spike Lee, and starred Edward Norton. David Benioff’s career then became even more stellar when he wrote the script for “Troy”, which starred Brad Pitt. David Benioff earned two million dollars for his next script, “Stay”, which went on to star Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. More scripts are currently in the works – “Wolverine” (of X-Men fame), “Ender’s Game”, and also the adaptation of the literary novel “The Kite Runner” for director Sam Mendes. He has also adapted Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. David Benioff must be one of the busiest people in the world, as he is also producing the action adventure flick “Kashmir”, written by Dan Weiss. Benioff has used Dan Weiss as a sounding board for most of his writing. He is now set to adapt the Danish film “Brothers” to an American setting. His collection of short stories – “When the Nines Roll over” – was published in 2004. Not surprisingly, David Benioff found himself to write the script for “The Infiltrator”, but he will supervise the screenwriter, on a project where Leonardo DiCaprio joins him as a producer. David Benioff is married to the actress Amanda Peet.


David Benioff - visit his homepage, where you can read the opening pages from The 25th Hour.  In this section, Benioff writes in a noirish, pulpy fashion that will surely appeal to British readers as well as Americans


David Benioff biography

David Benioff short stories

David Benioff interviews/articles


Read an extract from When the Nines Roll Over


The Affairs of Each Beast - in this excellent, literary short story, Benioff imaginatively interweaves an old folk tale into the Chechen conflict


Neversink - an engaging, and curious David Benioff short story about an extraordinary lover


When the Nines Roll Over - a David Benioff story in which signing a rock star has never been so dangerous...  Like The 25th Hour, this story also features a pit bull



David Benioff biography

David Benioff short stories

David Benioff interviews/articles


How we met: David Benioff and Marc Forster – David Benioff talks to The Independent about his friendship with Marc Forster, director of “Monster’s Ball”. They have worked together on the movie project “Alpha”. Marc Forster Q & A – this interview with the director discusses David Benioff’s “Stay”


What's the story on David Benioff - movie insiders discussed Benioff's movie script, "Stay" in this webpage that is no longer online.  Sounds like the Ray Bradbury story The Crowd.  They say they surprise ending's not so good, but Benioff doesn't usually cheat the reader with his 'twists in the tail


For “Hour” writer, rise to fame worth the wait – The LA Times profiles David Benioff



“25th Hour travelled fast track to screen – Chris Hicks reveals how “The 25th Hour” was sold as a movie before the novel was actually published


The 25th Hour - a review by Joe Hartlaub in the Princeton Review.  The only thing that confuses me about The 25th Hour, not having read the whole book, is: why is a convicted felon allowed to roam the streets before going to jail?


TNMC Movie News - reports that The 25th Hour is set to become a movie


Shots – their interview with David Benioff


Web Access – David Benioff answers questions from BBC viewers


Chud – their interview with David Benioff in the wake of the release of “Troy”


Peet Knew Fiancé was the one before she met him – Amanda Peet tells how she and David Benioff got it together


Amanda Peet’s fiancé finally marries her after knocking her up – is how “PR Inside” reported David Benioff’s marriage to Amanda Peet, and her pregnancy


David Benioff biography

David Benioff short stories

David Benioff interviews/articles